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Rules for good behaviour

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Rules for good behaviour


If you take a photograph,
Avoid moving in groups, thus limiting environmental impact and disturbance. 

Do not interrupt the animals’ activities (such as, feeding, resting, hunting, etc.) by getting too close. 

Do not deliberately cause noise or actions that could affect the animals’ movements.

Learn about the life cycles of the animals you want to photograph and avoid disturbing them at their most sensitive times (such as, mating season, nesting, etc.).

Do not feed the animals with any kind of food to approach them.

Do not approach dens, nests, or breeding areas. 

Strictly avoid touching or picking up cubs, even if they are apparently abandoned: their animal parents are almost always nearby.

Do not call fauna or birdlife species.

Do not pick up plants, insects, and small animals to film them in places other than their natural habitats and/or in a photographic studio.