“Ready to shoot!”, the international contest “Fotografare il Parco” is back.

For its 13th time (many are its editions), all those passionate about photography and nature will be able to take photos with their cameras.
The contest is organized by the Stelvio, Gran Paradiso, Abruzzo-Lazio-Molise and Vanoise National Parks with the support of Alparc (Rete delle Aree Protette Alpine - Alpine Network of Protected Areas) and Federparchi. Our Parks may seem distant, but they are linked together thanks to the beauty of mountain landscapes and plants and animals living there. Not an easy world, of course, but full of charm.

“Fotografare il Parco” has now become one of the main photo contests about mountain wildlife. It is an opportunity – beyond the prizes, as rich as ever – to collaborate with us, thanks to your photos, in the enhancement of our protected areas. Your images could “come to life”: many are used in our publications and exhibitions, published in national media and on the Parks’ websites and social networks.
Four categories have been chosen for this edition: The Park Landscape, The Park Wildlife, The Park Microcosmos and natural details and The Park Plant World. 

Winners will receive cash prizes, as well as stays in the four protected areas and subscriptions to the magazine “La Rivista della Natura”, media partner of the contest. The jury will also award a special prize, in the section “The Park Landscape", to the photo that best represents and interprets the effect of man’s century-old work on the landscape in the four parks.
Registration is open until 30th September 2019. Each photographer may compete in the four categories listed in the contest regulation, with up to four photos for each section, either in colour or black and white. Participation is free of charge.
The rules and information on how to take part in the contest are available at this website.

For any further information, please contact:

Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio - Tel. ++39 0342900838 -

Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso - Tel. ++39 0118606211 -

Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo Lazio e Molise - Tel. ++39 08639113220 -

Parc national de la Vanoise - Tel. ++33 0479628964 -

Bormio, Torino, Pescasseroli, Chambery, 2nd April 2019

Thanks to Francesca Berardi for the translation.