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Alessandro Currò
Thomas Martini
Filippo Carugati
Gilmar Scaravonatti
Franco Fratini
Matteo Pegoretti
Jean-Luc Viart
Jean-Claude Menneron
Pierre Bottex
Vittorio Ricci
Jean-Claude Haudemand
Samuele Parentella
Alex Cavallar
Luca Gennaro Ferrillo
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Dear friends,

we would like to inform you that the results of the competition will be announced by Wednesday, January 22nd.

See you soon!
Bormio, Torino, Pescasseroli, Chambéry, 14th January 2020



Once again, the jury of the thirteenth edition of the international photo contest "Fotografare il Parco" which met yesterday in Milan had to face a very hard work. Its members - nature photographers and representatives of the protected areas - had to judge a huge amount of images. Not only quantity, though: the quality level of the photos presented in the competition is always growing.
The winners will be announced after the holiday break, to allow any necessary technical check.



The 13th edition of the competition "Fotografare il Parco" has brought a record number of participants. More than 400 photographers have submitted their pictures within the deadline of September 30th. The judges, which will meet by the end of November, will have a good deal of work to do. Due to the past experience, we expect photos with a very high level.

LAST DAYS... enter the contest.

Take advantage of these beatiful sunny days to take pictures outdoors or ... rummage through your photo archive!

To find out how to participate, read the rules and send your photos online!

Bormio, Torino, Pescasseroli, Chambéry, 18th september 2019