Alberto Blisa
Rocco Calcagni
Michele Drigo
Luigino Zangobbo
Paolo Mignosa
Adrien Coquelle
Valter Pallaoro
Paolo Brambilla
Claudio Parizzi
Federico Raiser
Fabio Vivalda
Roberto Pegolo
Alice Enrico
Giuliano Zappi
Alessandro Brambilla
Bernard Leger
Matteo Lazzari


We decided not to organise an awards ceremony, due to the uncertainty during the last few months. We wanted to hold it in a safe and sicure environment, but this not being possible, the organisers decided to send out the prizes to the winners.


Let us introduce you the winners in the different categories of the XIV edition of the contest, at least in photograph. We hope that an improvement in the health emergency will allow us to arrange a face-to-face award ceremony, by respecting all the safety conditions required.

We remind you that, behind this gallery of authors’ portraits and their wonderful award-winning photographs – as well as many others submitted – there are people who share a passion for nature and photography. Each of them has a different sensitivity and translates it into the ability to describe, through images, the beauty of our Parks.


The XIV edition of the international contest “Fotografare il Parco” has just ended. It was organized by Stelvio, Gran Paradiso, Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise and de la Vanoise National Parks, with the patronage of Alparc, Federparchi and the participation of the media partner “La Rivista della Natura”.
Lello Piazza, the president of the jury, said: “In Italy, information deals only a little with Nature. This makes this competition, now in its XIV edition, even more valuable. This is because it shows to the public the beauty of the landscapes, the behaviour of animals and the colourful vegetation of three National Parks located in our country: Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise, Gran Paradiso and Stelvio, to which the cross-border Parc national de la Vanoise has to be added”.
From more than 3,300 images submitted, the jury’s choice awarded the first, second and third prizes to a number of exceptional shots: the tenderness of two young stoats playing with a flower (Overall winner - Valter Pallaoro), the New Wave of macro photography that transforms a young woman into a work of geometric abstraction (Second place - Giuseppe Bonali) and finally the landscape wilderness in the shot of Valle del Gallo in Stelvio National Park (Third place - Luca Ronchi).
Other prize-winners include the nocturnal encounter between a fox and a badger, first in the category “The Park Wildlife”, the difficult shot representing the giant peacock moth – a nocturnal butterfly – first in the category “The Park Microcosmos and Natural Details” and the rare encounter with a saxifrage during its maximum blossoming, third in the category “The Park Plant World”.