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A FEW DAYS LEFT... participate in the contest.
The times are not very encouraging for photographing, to be sure, but in this difficult moment the beauty of nature and of our Parks can be the source of some comfort.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020

We find even one of our most loyal participants of “Fotografare il Parco” among the winners of the 56th edition of
Wildlife Photographer of the Year, a “historic” photo contest dedicated to nature.

It is Lorenzo Shoubridge, whose spectacular photo of wolves was awarded the “Highly Commended” prize. The same image also won the
first prize in the “mammals” category of the Montphoto international photography contest.

We contacted him and he told us he is delighted with the prestigious result obtained, derived from his great passion for nature that found
in photography the way to realise his desire to collect evidence of the beauty of the natural world and to share it with other people.
Passion and “expertise”, as we say, for the realization of a shot dedicated to a couple of wolves, very charming animals,
depicted in their environment and in their daily life.

Our warmest congratulations to Lorenzo, and also to all the other photographers we know who, over the years, have honoured themselves
in the most important nature photography contest in the world.

Of course, we are waiting for you in “Fotografare il Parco”.

Bormio, Torino, Pescasseroli, Chambéry, 22 october 2020

Thanks to Francesca Berardi for the translation.